Introducing NET-RIPS from Brazos Forest Products. Custom ripped hardwood to your specifications for maximum yield and quicker production time for your shop without the hassle. Weinig’s powerful Raimann KR-450 has 3 movable blades and uses the Valurip IV with ScanCore processor to give your hardwood the edge you need for your production floor.


  • Maximum rip yields using ScanCore processor saves you time and money.
  • Faster production time for your finished product by removing the daunting task of ripping blanks and trying to optimize lumber manually.
  • Lumber ripped to your specs goes immediately to your cut off saws; you don’t waste labor ripping and removing waste.
  • Glue line edges ready for your glue machine or clamp system increases panel production.
  • No more digging through the lumber stack to find that perfect sized board, we optimize every order and detailed yield reports are available with any order.

How it works

Send us the widths you would normally rip for your job or your stock. Include every size you need, no matter the quantity. Whether you need it for drawer fronts, face frame, door stiles and rails, or random 2 edge for panels. We program your rip sizes and quantities into the system, feed the lumber in and the saw does the rest. Job by job, optimizing bundles, or ripping for your common species and sizes, no order is too large or too small.

KR-450 Specifications

The Raimann KR-450 has a quick fix arbor carrying one fixed and three movable Glue-Line blades. The telescopic movable blade arbor holds tolerances in the thousands and changes effortlessly for each rip program. The KR-450 can rip 4/4 through 16/4 lumber up to 17 ¾” wide with all 4 blades on the arbor. Fixed pockets can be set up to maximize ripping for wider species like Mahogany and Pine.


Place your NET-RIPS order today to increase your production flow, lower overhead costs, and turn your inventory into cash faster.