Species of the Month – African Mahogany

4/4 Afr. Mahogany Sel & Btr KD Rough Lumber$3.25/bd ft
5.2mm Afr. Mahogany 4×8 A-4 P/S VC $27.90/each
3/4″ Afr. Mahogany 4×8 A-1 P/S VC$83.95/each
3/4″ Afr. Mahogany 4×8 A-1 P/S MDF$75.90/each

African Mahogany (Khaya Ivorensis)

As the name implies, this species is native to Africa.
Botanically, it is part of the Meliaceæ family, which not only includes Genuine Mahogany, but also Sapele, and a host of other commercial species.
African Mahogany is widely known for its exceptional overall properties, such as:

  • Excellent workability. African Mahogany is known for its easy sanding and machining, with a balance of density that’s just hard enough but not too hard. When the grain is straight and consistent, there’s not much that can go wrong.
  • Excellent stability. As much as it’s known for its workability, mahogany is equally known for its superb dimensional stability. Flat pieces will remain flat. Joints and glue-ups will remain intact. Seasonal changes in humidity, mahogany cause minimal shrinkage and swelling.
  • Decent rot resistance. Perhaps not to the same level as Teak or other exotic tropical timbers, but certainly respectable.
  • Beautiful grain. Mahogany has beautiful grain pattern, especially ribbon striped (quarter sawn) which is prized worldwide for fine furniture and millwork.
  • Large, clear lumber. Mahogany trees get huge. They’re both tall and stout, yielding long, wide, knot and defect-free boards.

Offer expires 7/31/2019 or while supplies last. Offer subject to change and prior sale.


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