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  • Soft Wax

    Assorted colors

    Soft Wax Wood Filler

    AU, DFW, HOU
  • Solid Wood Drawer Sides

    5/8" X 5' & 2-3/4" to 10"
  • Speed Brace

    Black & White in various sizes

    Speed Brace Shelf Support

    AU, DFW, HOU
  • Speed Clip

    Includes pencil holder and sharpener

    Speed Clip Belt Clip

    AU & HOU
  • Spice Rack

    3-1/8"D X 26"H
    9-1/2"W, 12-1/2"W, or 15-1/2"W

    For mounting inside a cabinet door

  • Spice Tray

    19-1/2"D X 2-1/4"H
    15-1/4"W or 23-1/2"W

    For installing in a cabinet drawer

  • Spoon Shelf Support

    5mm & 1/4" Pin

    Nickle plated

    AU, DFW, HOU
  • Stainless Steel Drawer Pulls

    Knob & 115mm to 528mm Bars
  • Stainless Steel False Front Trays

    Varying lengths from 14" to 28"
    AU & HOU
  • Standard Router Bits

    Multiple styles for varied edges

    Freud Router Bits

    AU, DFW, HOU
  • Stemware Rack

    12"D X 1-1/2"H X 18"W or 36"W

    Rack for hanging stemware

  • Stile & Rail Router Bits

    Multiple sets for verious styles of stiles and rails

    Freud Router Bits

    AU, DFW, HOU
  • Tape Measure

    Various styles from 16'-25' long

    Specialty Tape Measures

    AU, DS, DFW, HOU
  • Three-Piece Grommet

    51mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm Diameter

    Black, White, Brown, Grey

  • Timbermate Water Based Putty

    1/4 Pint, Quart, Gallon

    Many colors availble to match most woods

  • Tongue & Groove Router Bits

    Multiple sizes, including adjustable

    Freud Router Bits

    AU, DFW, HOU